Art Classes in Calgary For Kids & Adults

Want to enroll in my art classes in Calgary? Here, I provide art class sessions throughout the year, at my art studio, for kids, teens, and adults, where they can learn and exchange creative ideas.

If you are new to art or want to improve your drawing skills, enrolling in my art classes in Calgary is the right way to go!

I organize my art classes in batches. A new batch requires at least 5-6 students, so if you have access to several students, you may request an art class session.​

How does In-person Art Class Work?

Our Art class sessions are a lot more engaging. Students gather together to explore different subjects, all the while building their technical skills and confidence in painting and sketching. I pay close attention to my student’s affinities, so if someone develops more interest in painting, I encourage lessons in that reference. This way, students discover their strong points and work specifically to improve aspects of art they are naturally good at.

Students do not learn the same concepts in my in-person art class. Everyone works at their own pace, learning the most exciting ideas. I try to factor in the capabilities and interests of my students, encouraging them to focus more on specific art categories that fall naturally to them. I do not enforce time constraints on these lectures, and students pay per hour for as long as opening hours remain open.

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How Much Does It Cost?

At Palak StudioInk, I charge a flat, yet affordable fee per student. Please note that each class is an estimated 90 minutes, therefore you can pay for 4 classes at once.

How to Enroll?

You can choose to pay for 1 class; and if satisfied with this trial can pay for up to 4 classes. It’s important to note that 4 classes can be completed in 1 month or in 2 months by keeping alternate. Full payment can be made through E-transfer or pay on appearance at my art studio.

What You Gain from Art Class?

By enrolling in my art classroom sessions, you are able to learn in your own workstation, working at your own pace with any materials of your choice. Because, you will be learning in an environment filled with diverse talents and energies, you can gain enough motivation needed to start and finish multiple drawings. What's more, you get private recognition from me, your tutor; and learn some technical skills first-hand.

When Do Art Class Commence?

I currently provide drawing classes weekly, from Monday to Saturday, at morning, afternoon, and evening. These classes take place in my art studio, which makes sessions incredibly intense and exciting. This way, students learn how to draw and paint in a fun and comfortable environment.

Although adults may requires less on-hand tutorship, kids will learn everything from sketching basics to painting, pencil shading, sketching, water/acrylic colors, canvas painting, mandala art and handwriting improvement.

Art Class Material List

Not all materials mentioned below will be used in every session, but it is important to have them ready before online art classes begin. Your child will need:

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Water/acrylic colors

Here, you learn to mix acrylic colors with water, turning them into watercolours that create imaginative paintings. I also explain the use of synthetic brushes needed for acrylic paintings to stand out clearer and bold.

Pencil Shading

Also contour pencil shading, you learn how to use directional shading to create objects with solidity, depth and volume as well as realistic light and shade. By enrolling, you learn to create strong dimensional effects all with a pencil.


Elevate your basic drawing skills with my sketching/drawing lessons. Here, you get to grips with turning numerous ideas into sketches which can then be converted into solid art pieces.

Canvas Painting

Learn the fundamentals behind painting on a canvas. Understand how to make use of acrylic paints, paintbrushes, to create beautiful oil paintings on canvasses

Mandala art

Learn how to draw ancient mandala inscriptions and sacred symbols that are therapeutic in nature.

Handwriting Improvement

Lessons on handwriting improvement, for kids that want to write better and artistically for educational or creative purposes.

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