Online Art Classes in Canada

Palak StudioInk understands that the pandemic makes a case for health concerns; this is why I offer online art classes in Canada that you and your kids can enjoy. In fact, learning art virtually can spark a whole new level of creativity for your child, especially if you’re present in the sessions with them.

I provide valuable online art classes. It really doesn’t matter if your child is new to art or already has some form of painting experience; I have classes that suit everyone’s current abilities. Specific for kids age 6+, my art classes cover a wide range of concepts such as pencil shading, sketching, water/acrylic colors and many other art forms.

Online Art Classes Canada

How My Online Art Classes Work?

Each online class or the art course is of 60 minutes. During this session, students will learn fundamentals of art via Zoom step-by-step drawing lessons. They will also learn the basics of drawing and; how to incorporate concepts of color mixing, brushwork, and design frameworks that will improve their art skills and techniques. Our online art course offers art education to improve your observation skills, learning for drawing and painting, and different art color theories.

Enabling Interactive Sessions for Each Student

Students are carried along on every lesson, so no child is left behind in the overall art process. Each week, a new subject is introduced and taught, with demonstrations included for better learning. Every student receives personalised guidance when starting a new art project and receives personal feedback when such artwork is completed.

The Benefits of My Online Classes for Your Child

With my tailored to fit your child’s mental capacity, you can engage your kids for at least 2 hours a week. This way, you can build up your child’s cognition of art, helping them develop strong brain activity needed for limitless creativity.

How Parental Supervision Can Improve Learning

That being said, my virtual classes require parental supervision at the workstation, especially for younger children who may be new to art. During water/acrylic colors lessons, parents are expected to assist in specific assignments to enable their child retain valuable skills.

My Schedule for Online Art Classes For Canada

I add new tutorials every week; ensuring that kids participate in every art project. Usually, most art projects are completed during 1 art class, which is 60 minutes. However, I advise that parents encourage their kids practice more, especially after immediate conclusion of online classes. I show full support for this; and if a student is interested, I send out more sketching skill projects to practice at home.

How To Enroll?

How Much Does It Cost?

I charge a flat, yet affordable fee per student. Please note that each class is an estimated 60 minutes, therefore you can pay for 4 classes at once.

What Your Child Gains?

There are numerous benefits to enrolling your child to my online art classes. First, they learn at their own convenience, away from pressure of unacquainted settings and classmates. Second, they learn better under parent supervision, and can attempt art projects at their own pace. I believe children to be away from stress of chores or from the anxiety of waking up for school tomorrow. What’s more; your child can retain things better when taking my lessons any time.

How to Enroll Your Child?

You can choose to pay for 1 class; and if satisfied with this trial can pay for up to 4 classes. It’s important to note that 4 classes can be completed in 1 month or in 2 months by keeping alternate. Payment can be made through my website or pay on appearance at my art studio.

When Do Online Art Classes Go Live?

Online art classes scheduled every day. To know day and time of art session, please give us a call.

That’s not all, in every online class; your child will learn different art techniques and skills. We operate on a very flexible curriculum, which allows certain concepts to be retaught. Therefore, no child is left behind on learning the basics or left unattended when ascending up the art syllabus.

List of Materials for Online Art Lesson

Not all materials mentioned below will be used in every session, but it is important to have them ready.

Types of Art Lessons


Elevate your child’s basic drawing skills with my sketching/drawing lessons. Here, your child gets to grips with turning numerous ideas into sketches which can then be converted into solid art pieces.

Pencil Shading

Also contour pencil shading, your child learns how to use directional shading to create objects with solidity, depth and volume as well as realistic light and shade. By enrolling your kid in my lesson, they learn to create strong dimensional effects all with a pencil.

Water/acrylic colors

Here, I teach your child how to mix acrylic colors with water, turning them into water colours that create imaginative paintings. I also explain the use of synthetic brushes needed for acrylic paintings to stand out clearer and bold.

Most Common Questions

We have created a full list of buying Art Materials with pricing for beginner’s Art classes.

The virtual art class is 60 minutes only and the entire painting/sketching will be completed in that duration.

Yes, this online art class is one on one. You choose time and we show up.

Currently, an art class for adults is only available as art classroom sessions. Please get in touch for more information or register yourself for a virtual class and once I have enough students, we can kick start the lesson.

You’ll need pencil, eraser, sharpener and any kind of water or acrylic colors to get started.

I use Zoom software to teach art lessons. 

You can pay fees for the first class, and if you like to continue, pay the remaining difference, which will cover for 4 classes.

We no longer offer free online art class. However you can watch our previous videos here free online art class.

Yes, Kids can do alternate classes. Under this scenario, parents will pay fees, and their kids are fine for the subsequent 4 lessons, which should be a couple of months.

Yes, please feel free to contact me about the change.

We accept various payment methods such as Cash, Interac e-Transfer, Credit or Debit Card, and PayPal.

No, you don’t have to pay anything for Zoom. We have already purchased a subscription, so students can enjoy all features of Zoom.