A Perfect Way to End the Christmas Fun- Christmas Paint & Sip Night

As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to create lasting memories with our loved ones. Let’s make this Christmas a memorable one for the years ahead. 

Paint and Sip Christmas Night is a fun way to celebrate this lovely time of the year with your loved ones. It will be a guided session with all the techniques and styles instructed by our art tutors. Indulge your taste buds with the lip-smacking food options from the venue. Ain’t that sound good?

How To Book For It?

1. Register to select the dates and add the total number of people attending the event.

2. You will receive a confirmation email after registration.

3. Get dressed, take your pals, and head towards PalakStudioInk.

4. If you have 8 or more people with you, you can book a private event

5. Get ready for an immersive painting experience while sipping some Christmas-vibe drinks and snacks and listening to all the Christmas songs playing behind you. 


1. The Mash in Marda Loop at 2248 33Ave SW

A cafe in the center of downtown Calgary is beautifully decorated with a Christmas tree and carols playing in the background. A perfect place to paint some magic on the canvas and end the day with colorful memories.

2. Christmas Paint & Sip Night at Home

Gather your family, friends, and relatives to host a private Christmas Paint & Sip Night. Celebrate with some wine cake and other licious delights. Our Instructors will come with the art kits and guide you throughout the painting session. Click some pictures of the masterpieces you have just made.

3. Virtual Christmas Paint & Sip Night

It’s okay if you have decided to stay at home this Christmas night or your favorite people are far away. You can host a virtual Christmas paint-and-sip night and share the link with other attendees. Don’t let distance stop you from having fun.

Add one more fun-filled activity- Paint & Sip Christmas Night to your Christmas calendar. See you at the Christmas paint & sip night to give the perfect end-to, year-end holidays.