Reconnect Family-Bonding Over Family Paint & Sip Night.

Sometimes, just being there for your family is the most wonderful thing anyone can do. We at PalakStudioInk witness those beautiful family moments at our Family Paint & Sip Night. 

A family of 2, a family of 4, or many occasions are entirely booked for private events to celebrate birthdays, graduation ceremonies, anniversaries, festivities, and, let’s not forget, our Family Christmas Private Paint nights. However, you do not have to wait for Christmas to celebrate your time with your family.

How Does It Go?

Once you register for the event, you will receive a confirmation for the booking. Now that all is set to go, you all get excited for the fun-filled family paint-and-sip night.

Our Venue

1. Our artsy studio is located at 12318 Barlow Trail #235, and it will be all set for this event, with all art supplies carefully placed at each spot. (this event’s final registration link is marda loop event so location wont be this)

2. Once you are settled in, our art instructor will give you a brief introduction to the paint theme you are going to create, color palette selection, techniques, and style of using different-sized brushes, and then guide you step-by-step.

3. Bond with your family members while painting, and share laughs and some past funny memories you have.

Your Venue

1. If you are booking this event for more than 8 pax, you can request for the private family paint and sip night at your home.

2. Register and add the total number of members, or email us at [email protected] with your details. You can select your painting theme here. We will email some references.

3. Once the communication is all done, our art instructor with the required art supply, will come to your place. We will clean up the are after the activity is done.

Public Venue

1. We do host many of our events at The Mash Marda Loop at 2248 33 AVE SW,

2. It’s a cozy cafe famous for its amazing beverages, music, and food. You can select this location on the registration page.

3. Arrive at the cafe, be seated, and start having fun while painting and sipping your favorite drink.

4. Laugh, create, sip, and click some amazing photos to remember this moment in the future.

Virtual Family Paint Night

1. We understand your privacy or various other valid reasons for not going out someplace to celebrate this event. However, let’s not stop them from having some fun moments with your family.

2. You can choose to stay at home and join this event online. Art instructors will make sure you and all the members are properly guided with the painting techniques.

3. To keep up the amazing mood, our instructor will play some soothing music for everyone.

While there are many ways to plan to attend this family paint and sip night, the same remains: the relaxing and playful painting process you will indulge in. 

Let’s carry home the beautiful paintings you all have created as a trophy and one Family Memory forever to cherish. Register Now! 

See you at the Family Paint & Sip Night.