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Neon Paint Night

Unleashes Radiant Vibes!

What is Neon Paint Night?

Neon Paint Night is a fun and unique event where you can unleash your inner artist and create a piece of art that glows in the dark! You’ll be provided with all the materials you need, including neon paints, brushes, and canvases, and a professional

About this Event

We often encounter a situation where we are in a quandary of making unique plans with family and friends for the weekends. If new artsy activities attract you, we have something special from our Pandora Box.

Drumrolls, please!

Introducing Neon Paint Night
Trust us when we say this. This will be the most amazing night you can spend with your friends and family, as this is a unique art form.

How Does It Work?

Before the event:

  • Book your tickets: Tickets for these events usually sell fast, so be sure to book yours in advance.
  • Gather your friends: Neon Paint nights are even more fun with a group of friends.
  • Get excited! Prepare to unleash your inner artist and have a blast!

On the night of the event:

  • Arrive at our studio – Palak StudioInk, which is located at 12318 Barlow Trail NE #235, and feel the Neon Paint Night vibes even before trying your hands on the canvas.
  • As you walk into our studio full of colorful walls, get comfortable on the seats and find your art supplies neatly arranged on the table for you.
  • A professional artists team will be there to guide you through the painting process and assist you till the end.
  • Start painting! Our artists’ team will provide step-by-step instructions and will keep you accompanied till you are satisfied with the painting you have just made. 

Why Should You Give It a Try?

Not everyone is comfortable expressing themselves creatively, but Neon Paint Night provides a safe and creative vibe to do just that. You don’t need to have any prior experience with painting, and the instructor will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Key Takeaways from the Neon Paint Night

Colorful darkness​

Our studio will be pre-organized with a dark light; hence, your neon painting will glow like a shooting star in the sky. This is a fun and unique way to see your art come to life.

Creative expression​

Neon Paint Night is a great opportunity to express your creativity and let loose. There is no pressure to create a masterpiece; just have fun and enjoy the process.

Socialization ​

Neon Paint Night is a great way to socialize and meet new people. You can attend with friends or go solo and meet others who share your interest in art

Stress relief​

As you start moving those neon color brushstrokes on the canvas, making it into something special, it will help you feel relaxed and calm, and you will enjoy the process.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone 12 years old and above is welcome to join the Neon Paint Night. Children under 12 can also participate, but they must be accompanied by a responsible guardian who is 18 years old or older.


To summarize, Neon Paint Night is an innovative and exciting event that offers a unique opportunity to unleash your inner artist, socialize with friends and family, and create a masterpiece that literally glows in the dark. 

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a complete beginner, this immersive experience promises a night of fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So, gather your loved ones and book your tickets today – because this is one artistic adventure you won’t want to miss!