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Want an immersive experience into my art world; at Palak StudioInk, I show you the ropes of drawing, sketching, colouring and sketching. I do not offer fixed courses; however my lessons are rotated so that kids and adults alike can advance from beginner to skilled, fast!

Kind Words from Our Customers

Yaima Lemus-Sanchez
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Very kind and easy to follow instructions, if you are looking for beginner friendly paintings this is the place to be. Over all experience is amazing. 🙂
Priya Dadra
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Really loved the Canvas Painting Workshop today with Palak and her amazing team. I was mesmerized by the energy and vibe. Thanks a lot! 🙂
Shilo Taylor
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Paint night is a lot of fun! Patient instructions, room for artistic creativity - I’ve been two months in a row 🙂
Wendy Hunter
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I had lots of fun creating a painting this afternoon! Great instructions and Good price 😁. Thanks!
Heena Kapopara
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I have sent my both kids in virtual class with Palak.She is great artist and teacher .Me and my daughter likes her alcohol paintings so much. She wants to take classes for alchol painting with Palak..Thank you so much Palak.

What is Palak StudioInk?

Palak StudioInk is my professional painting classes studio that teaches art and customizes pieces, located in Calgary, Canada. Here, I teach sketching, drawing, and painting to kids and adults. I provide several workshops and Online Art classes designed to teach various kinds of art including canvas painting, pencil colors, sketching, acrylic/watercolors - I teach it all!

I love to make beautiful art pieces for customers; and at the same time, show my students how to create truly unique art spaces that they can be comfortable in.

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Create Your Masterpiece
With My Painting Classes in Calgary

Palak StudioInk provides Painting classes in Calgary for kids and adults who love to paint, but don’t know where to start. At my studio, I am super confident in my abilities to teach the fundamentals of creativity and art. When you work with me, you connect with several workshops conducted virtually or in studio that takes you from beginner to expert in no time.

Own A Special Piece From My art Studio in calgary

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than my art collection at Palak StudioInk. I exhibit ready-made pieces for purchase, and make custom art pieces based on your needs. Every painting tells a unique story; your friend, family or partner would greatly appreciate the beautiful swirls of paintbrushes on my exquisite art pieces.

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