Why is my resin bendy? The Ultimate Guide

Find various reasons and solutions behind your bendy resin.

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Have you ever wondered why your resin is bendy? It can be a frustrating situation for newbies, but fortunately, you can do a few things to fix the bendy resin issue.

Measure Your Resin Like a Pro

Measure Your Resin Like A Pro​

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Mixing resin and hardener by volume is key to a successful pour. Too much of either can ruin the chemical reaction, resulting in improperly cured creations that bend.

Make sure to check with the company who makes your resin and they will tell you exactly how much mixture is needed. Then follow those measurements carefully so that no half-mixtures or mistakes slip through!

Don't be in a hurry, let your resin dry

Don't Be In A Hurry, Let Your Resin Dry​

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The reason you may have resin that bends is because it needs more time to cure. We recommend waiting 3 - 5 days after application before curves or movements of the piece, which will ensure a full hardening process and reduce chances for distortion due bending during production

It's always best practice in art projects not too much pressure gets applied when working with new materials like Art Resin!

Thin resin pours

Thin resin pours

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With a thicker layer of resin, you will not have any flexibility issues with your art. However, if it is less than ⅓ inch thick then expect the bendiness to show itself in all its glory!

Resin Is Easy. But First, You Need To Mix Properly.​

how to mix resin

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A warm bath before using, mix resin properly for at least 5 minutes. If still thick while pouring gets glass in the warm bucket and just let sides touch it to regain warmth. Mix from all the scraps and corners.

Get The Pigments For Your Resin Just Right

Get The Pigments For Your Resin Just Right

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You don't want to add too much liquid or powdered colorant because this could throw off the resin mixture's delicate balance. Tinting resins can have beautiful effects, but exceeding 6% for anyone component will soften its final cure and change its character completely!

Secret To Getting The Most Out Of Your Resin - Warmer Drying

The Secret To Getting The Most Out Of Your Resin - Warmer Drying

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To dry your resin, place it in an open area on a flat surface. Keep away from pets and children because of the possibility that they might aspirate some dust or fumes while working with this product!

Fix It - How To Get Rid Of Bendy Or Uncured Resin

How To Get Rid Of Bendy Or Uncured Resin

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Once your artwork is dry, sand off any excess resin with 80-grit paper, next, pour another layer of doming compound over the top to create a smooth surface for painting or decorating!

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